“All Commercial Members have the ability to produce their own websites on 100 Mile Mall. 

Save a lot of money on developing costs and hosting fees.”

There are many features and benefits using 100 Mile Mall website pages as either your main site or as a promotional site, adding a lot of functionality and bringing attention to your current site and promotions.

How do I use and set up my website?

Website Help, Instructions and Settings

Need a website built for you?

Website and Social Profile Link

At the top of your personalized header, which you can upload in the Site Settings, there is a link connecting your website to your social profile.  This is automatically done for you.


There currently is 8 templates to choose from.  You can change these anytime you prefer.  Access is by way of Site Settings at the top of your page, once you have logged in.

You can create up to 50 pages.

No x-rated material


All Neighbors can post Comments on every webpage on every website.  Comments must first be approved by Administration to insure no x-rated, profane or socially-unsuitable content is posted.

Each website owner has the ability to accept or delete comments.

visit 100 Mile Mall Neighbor Websites

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